UP IS suspect father says his son just 17, “what terror can he plot?’’

MEERUT: The father of the youth who was arrested from a mosque in Jhinjhana at 6am on Thursday morning said that. “He is just a 17-year-old boy, what terror activity could he be involved in? I am stunned at the thought of his involvement in any such plot, because he hardly left the city.”


Abdur Raheman, was arrested in a joint operation by a team of UP Anti- Terrorist Squad (ATS) for allegedly conspiring to orchestrate terror strikes in Delhi and U.P.


Raees Ahmed, father of Raheman who runs a small ration shop presented his son’s Aadhaar card as proof showing his date of birth as January 1, 2000. He also submitted a letter to SP Shamli asking for fair investigation and claimed that his son is innocent.


Raheman was born and brought up in Talayi mohalla of Jhinjhana used to study at a madrassa. The police claimed that he is in his early twenties. Shamli superintendent of police Ajay Pal said, “UP ATS and local police here arrested Raheman from a mosque on Thursday morning for his involvement in suspicious activities. Investigation is under way.”


The major operation was carried out jointly with police teams of five states. The arrests have been made in Mumbai, Jalandhar in Punjab and Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. Three were arrested in UP and six others were being interrogated.


Ahmed said.” Raheman was at the mosque to offer namaz early in the morning, when police picked him up from there and brought him home. Police also checked our house and not only took Abdur but also some Urdu books and all the cellphones that we had at home – five in number.”