Sushil Modi launches counter-attack against Lalu

Sushil Modi launches counter-attack against Lalu

Patna: Pillorying RJD president Lalu Prasad over the absence of allies JD(U) and Congress from his party’s ‘Mahadharna’ against demonestisation today, BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said the people were strongly behind the prime minister on the issue.

“In his chauraha (public square) politics, while RJD allies JD(U) and Congress boycotted its Mahadharna programme, common people still stand strongly behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the demonetisation issue,” he said in a statement here.

Prasad had on Monday asked Modi to choose the ‘chauraha’ where he would like to get punished according to his declaration defending the monetary exercise that caused massive inconvenience to the country’s poor and disadvantaged sections.

Launching a strong counter-attack against Prasad’s claim that industries and businesses have been ruined after the scrapping of high value notes, Sushil Modi sought to know “why locks were put on industries-businesses and entrepreneurs fled” during 15 years of RJD rule in Bihar without demonetisation.

In a scathing attack on Prasad, the senior BJP leader asked the source of Rs 100 crore which was allegedly used for constructing Rabri Bhawan in Delhi.

“How come one son of Prasad who has neither completed his studies nor has any business, got a Rs 30 lakh BMW car and possesses a motorbike worth Rs 20 lakh?… How come Prasad acquired huge tracts of land in and around Patna,” he alleged.

“The basic fact is that Lalu Prasad and his party is expressing its unrest over the drive against black money in the garb of protest against demonetisation.

“People are very well aware of the truth and that is why they are rejecting such elements who are raising a hue and cry over demonetisation,” Sushil Modi claimed.