Sushil Modi demands bigger share of Central funds for Bihar

ANI | Updated: Oct 04, 2018 07:48 IST

Patna (Bihar): Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi on Wednesday called for ways to increase state’s share in Central taxes.

The Bihar Deputy Chief Minister said that on the basis of parameters such as 2011 socio-economic caste census, income distance, population density and green cover among others a formula should be determined with help of which, the share of all the states should be calculated.

While urging to restore Bihar’s share in 15th Finance commission as recommended by 11th Finance commission, Modi also asked for a share for the states in the amount being collected by the Central Government in form of Cess, Surcharge and Non-tax revenue.
He made these demands while addressing an event organised for submitting the Bihar’s memorandum to 15th Finance Commission.

Modi also asserted that in 11th Finance commission, Bihar’s share was 11.589 percent which was reduced to 9.665 percent in 14th finance commission.

He added that in comparison to the 13th Finance Commission, Bihar received 136 percent more amount in the 14th Finance commission.

He also underlined that a developed state such as Kerala got 191 percent increase in its fund, where the national average of this increment was 173 percent.