Survey reveals rise in Muslims’ enrolment in higher education

New Delhi: According to the All India Survey on Higher Education 2017-18, Muslim students’ enrolment in higher education has increased by 37 per cent over the last five years, compared to the overall rise of 18 per cent. According to a report since 2013-14, there has been a steady increase in the number of Muslims in higher education, proportionate to the overall figure.

According to the Print, female Muslim enrolment has increased 46 per cent during the last five years. However, the overall figure for all categories rose by 24 per cent. Surprisingly in each of the last five years, the ratio of Muslim women to overall Muslim enrolment has been 1 point higher than the general ratio.

The latest report reveals that 49 per cent of Muslims enrolled in higher education are women, while the number overall stands at 48 per cent.

Author and historian Rana Safvi who was pleased to see these improvements has attributed it to the increase in awareness of parents.