Only Supreme Court’s judgment is acceptable: AIMPLB denies meeting with Ravi Shankar

New Delhi: Amidst efforts to settle Babri Masjid dispute outside the Court, All India Muslim Personal law Board has clarified that it sticks to its stand that ‘once a Masjid always a Masjid’. Only Supreme Court judgement will be acceptable in Babri Masjid case. The board unanimously decided that Supreme Court’s judgement will be accepted by the Board.

General Secretary Muslim Personal Law Board Maulana Mohammed Vali Rahmani said the reports about his meeting with Hindu spiritual leader Shri Ravi Shankar is false and baseless. It is a hidden conspiracy.

It must be noted that Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari had accused some board members of weakening the Babi Masjid case and misleading the community. He asked Muslim Personal Law board to make it clear what was discussed between General Secretary of the Board and Sri Ravi Shankar. He accused some officials of Muslim Personal Law Board for dual stand which has made the mockery of Islamic law due to which Muslims are restless across country.

Ravi Shankar in a statement told that he talked to board members to settle the dispute outside the Court.

Meanwhile Chairman UP Shia Waqf Board Waseem Rizvi is hopeful the dispute can be settled by talks. He said there is no Masjid on the controversial site but a Mandir is there. He said there are several masajid around the site where prayer can be performed.