Supreme Court orders Subrata Roy either to pay 2000 crore or to go to jail

New Delhi: Supreme court warns Sahara Chief to pay a recovery of 2052.22 crores until July 15, otherwise, he’ll be sent to jail.

However, he assured the judges of the SC of paying two cheques of the same amount. The judges told him, “We are warning you – if the cheques are not realised, we will send you to Tihar Jail directly from court,” according to a report by Deccan Chronicle.

He furnished a cheque of 522.22 crores which is dated July 15 and told the Supreme court of furnishing the cheque of remaining amount by June 15.

However, Supreme court has extended the date of furnishing of the cheque to June 19. Roy has promised to register an amount of 1500 crores in Sahara-SEBI account. However, the court has rejected the appeal of his lawyer to sell Sahara’s Aambey Valley worth Rs 34,000 crores.

An amount of 24,000 crores should be recovered from Saharas. Of which they have paid 12,000 crores and many deadlines have already been crossed by them. According to the court, an amount of 5,000 crores should be urgently be paid, and an amount of 2,550 should be paid by June 15.