Supreme Court asks “if a man does not have Aadhar, does he not exist for the Government”?

New Delhi: Amidst Aadhar breach reports and UIDAI’s claims ensuring Aadhar’s security, SC while hearing a petition regarding homeless people questioned the Government today if a homeless person doesn’t have an Aadhar does he not exist for the government?

The court was hearing a case related to night-shelters for homeless people across the country, when the lawyer representing UP government said: “some sort of identification like an Aadhaar” can be used to admit homeless people into these government shelters.

To that, the judges questioned the lawyer, “How can a homeless person get an Aadhaar card? If he doesn’t have an Aadhaar card, he doesn’t exist in the eyes of the government?” s.

The lawyer responded saying there are “other cards like the voter ID”. The judges then asked him “To get a voter I-card you need address proof. Where will one get address proof if he is homeless?”

The court also asked how many Indian citizens in the country have Aadhar, to that the senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan, replied with nearly “90 crore people”.

The Apex Court will begin to hear Aadhar related pleas and final hearing on Aadhar’s validity across the country which the central government has imposed from 17 January.

A journalist from Tribune newspaper has reported of Aadhar breach in UIDAI’s facility since she could easily gain access to over billion citizens personal details and there Aadhar accounts for just Rs. 500, NDTV reported.