‘Is supporting TRS not cheating the people who trusted you’, Kanhaiya Kumar lashes out at MIM

JNU students union former president, Mr Kanhaiya Kumar addressed the 130th birthday celebration of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad organized by Minorities Cell of Telangana State Congress on the occasion of “National Day of Education”.

Capt. Uttam Kumar Reddy President of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr Abdullah Sohail, President of Minorities cell, Mr Saleem Ahmed, in charge Secretary of AICC also attended the meeting.

He asked Congress leadership to come forward to unite secular forces and form an alliance in every state, while speaking at the event he said no single party could defeat the BJP alone and secular parties should form an alliance to counter the BJP.

As per the report published in the DC, he said that the common people were realising that the TRS and the BJP were the same but the MIM could not understand “this simplest thing”. He alleged that there was an understanding between the two parties that the BJP would rule at the Centre and the TRS in the state. “People vote for you hoping that you will fight against the BJP. Is supporting the TRS not cheating the people who trusted you?” Dr Kumar asked the MIM.

He asked whether the recommendations of the Sachar Committee and the Kothari Commission on the uplift of Muslims would be implemented or not. “You are talking about the rights of the people, why you are not implementing the recommendations? You are talking about the modernisation of madrasas, who is opposing it? You are deceiving the Hindus on madrasas. You have failed to fulfil your promises, therefore, you are raising the Ram Mandir issue,” he alleged.