Superstitions engulf Minority Finance Corporation office; Jadu performed to harm opponents

Hyderabad: Superstitions engulfed the Minority Finance Corporation office, located in Hajj House complex. The jadu and magical activities continued for past few years has created an environment of fear in the office. The situation has reached to such an extent that as soon as they reach the office, the officials and workers look around their chamber in fear of spotting some suspicious thing or another which might have been kept by their opponents to harm them.

Not only that the staff workers are facing such activities but they have also started performing counter-magic as remedy. Everyone is taking help of amulets (taweez), amaliyat or jhar-phoonk to prevent oneself from the harm of magic.

According to sources some officials are taking help of Aamils of the city to strengthen their base in the office. Fourth class employees are also living in the state of fear as they have to remove suspicious items from the office while cleaning it. They fear that those things may not harm them. Smoke is blown in various corners of the office on frequent intervals. In short the office has become the hub of magical activities.

It is suspected that magic is used to prevent some officials from getting promoted. It is also being used to keep high officials under control.

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