Super Warm Moon: Catch its glimpse tonight

Hyderabad: On the horizon of Hyderabad City, residents will be able to watch the unique phenomenon of full Moon tonight but it will not be so near the Earth as it was in February last.

In astronomical terms, it is called “Super Moon” or “Full Moon”. Generally, the first Moon of the month of March is called “Warm Moon”. The Super Moon will therefore be a Warm Moon.

According to Dr. B.G. Siddarth, Director of Birla Planetarium, the Warm Moon will continue to glow with full light on the first day of the Spring.

He further told that at 9:43 p.m. tonight, “Super Warm Moon” will glow with its fullest intensity of light. It will lit the entire Sky.

It is reported that it is the proclamation of the commencement of Spring Season in the north hemisphere of the globe. It marks the beginning of Autumn Season in which trees start shedding leaves. From today onwards, temperature will start increasing. The underground creepers and earthworms will now start coming out from the ground.

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