Sunscreen tips to protect skin from winter sun

New Delhi: If you believe that the sun can only cause harm the skin during scorching summers, think again. During winters, the sun can damage our skin and continue bothering us with problems like skin ageing.

To combat these issues, apart from moisturising, apply a cream-based sunscreen that’ll protect your skin while nurturing it from deep within, says an expert.

Here are five different kinds of sunscreen for different types of skin by Bharti Taneja, aesthetician, cosmetologist and founder-director of capital-based Alps Beauty Clinics.

* Dry skin: Dry skin tends to be drier in winter months and often shows signs of flakiness and cracks if not treated and nourished properly. To combat these, apart from moisturising, apply a cream-based sunscreen that’ll protect your skin while nurturing it from deep within. So, don’t forget to pat-on some sunscreen cream with adequate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) whenever you step outside.

* Oily skin: Winter comes easy for people with oily skin as it behaves like normal skin in this season. The only task that remains for you is to find out the best water-based sunscreen lotion for proper sun protection. The water content in your product will not only hydrate your skin but pacify its thirst as you roam around under the sun this winter. A sun guard with aloe-vera/calendula content can prove to be a safe bet for girls with oily skin.

* Combination skin: Combination skin has an oily T-zone along with comparatively drier cheeks and jaw line. Therefore, it is necessary to treat these specific parts with specific care. So, slather some water-based sunscreen on your T-zone — including forehead, nose and chin — and use a rich cream-based one for the rest of your face.

* Normal skin: Normal skin tends to be dry in winter and therefore demands extra care. But, you don’t have to worry as just by swapping you regular beauty regime with dry skin regime can make things simpler for you. So, go for a rich-creamy face wash in order not to deprive your skin of its moisture. Similarly, a sunscreen with a little creamy texture might work wonders for you and allow you to have that sunbath!

* Sensitive skin: Avoid any sun guard containing harsh chemicals or a lot of fragrance/perfume. Preferably, go for medicated or fragrance-free ones. As sensitivity of skin is majorly due to certain ingredients in the product, figure it out and try to stay away from it. Choose products designed for sensitive skin or reactive skin type to avoid allergies and reactions while soaking under the wintery sun.