Sunanda Pushkar’s crime scene tampered

New Delhi: A TV News channel on Monday reportedly came forward claiming Sunanda Pushkar’s dead body was removed from the crime scene and placed in another room.

The channel claims that Sunanda Pushkar’s crime scene and her body has been tampered to turn the investigation to a new different angle. They claimed her body was removed from Room No. 307 to 345. She was found dead in 2014 in Hotel Leela Palace in New Delhi under mysterious circumstances.

Former wife of Shahsi Tharoor was found dead a day after she had a disagreement with Pakistan’s Journalist Mehr Tarar on Twitter.

Republic TV aired 19 telephonic conversation of a correspondent and a accomplice of Shashi Tharoor, who was present at the hotel, also claims the Shashi Tharoor re-visited the Hotel after he left at 6.30 am, which he supposedly suppressed from the investigation team.

Amulya Patna, Delhi Police Chief said they are investigating the case and denied from commenting any further.

The channel also claimed that Sunanda was prevented from speaking to the Media and that her clothes were also removed from the Hotel.

Quoting the aide, the channel claimed that the couple had some argument which continued until the wee hours, and then Sunanda went to sleep at 6.30am.

A day before Sunanda died, she tweeted some posts alleging affair between her husband and the Journalist.

The tweets were believed to be sent by Mehr Tarar to Shashi Tharoor using Blackberry Messenger.

Autopsy report of Sunanda said she died of an over dose of sleeping pills, though the report was not clear in saying how she died or was it a suicide.

During investigation, Pushkar’s viscera samples were sent to AIIMS, failing to detect any poison in her samples the sample was handed over to the FBI in Washington, as reported in DC.