Summer is here, get the perfect scent perfume

Summer is here, get the perfect scent perfume

New Delhi: Summer is here, so is the time for some good fragrance to add on to those easy-breezy dresses in your wardrobe.

From fruity to aqua to spicy, selecting ‘the one’ from shelves packed with perfumes is the ‘real’ task.

Umashan Naidoo, Studio West Buying Head tells us how to choose a perfect perfume this summer.

– Go for light and crisp fragrances- Perfumes are seasonal and summers definitely call for fragrances that are light, crisp and fresh, matching the relaxed vibe of the season

– Fruity and fresh bursts are ideal for women- Some key scents for women for this season are candy, fruity and fresh bursts of floral. While candy and fruity scents are great day fragrances for women, floral notes are ideal for the night

– Musk and Citrus scents are a must have for men- Men cannot go wrong with fresh citrus scents during the day and musk and spicy notes during the night

– Experiment a bit- Unisex perfumes too are a huge trend. Aqua notes usually dominate this space along with citrus and grass that smell extremely airy

– Go for long lasting scents- Try single-note scents like lavender, vanilla, ylang ylang, and jasmine as they guarantee a better staying power

– Eau de toilette is your thing- Go for the eau de toilette version rather than the eau de parfum as they are lighter and fresher and make good summer scents (ANI)