Summer hacks for your feet

New Delhi, The season of sunshine has arrived so step out safe and in style this season with healthy feet by opting for the right footwear.

Kanika Bhatia, Chief Experience Officer, Egoss — a premium menswear leather shoe brand and Ayush Diwan Khurana, Founder and Designer at Modello Domani — an affordable luxury shoe brand, lists some tips to take care for your feet this summer.

“Footwear made of soft leather is ideal for Summers as it lets your feet breathe hence curbing bad odour and infections. Athletic Sandals and Loafers are the most appropriate as they are extremely light on feet, offer good support and definitely chic”, says Bhatia.

Khurana feels that “when it comes to taking care of your feet one must know that in the summer heat staying in heavy shoes all day cuts down air circulation.”

” It’s important to let your feet breathe. Loafers, in this sense are a good option”, said Khurana.

They list down some tips.

* Summer smart footwear: Go for flip flops as they are summer favorites but this easy pair comes with a good share of side effects. To minimize foot pain often caused by flip-flops, go for a pair with good support and does not bend in half.

* Athletic sandals: It’s a season that calls for adventure. Before you set out on yours, make sure to pack a pair of practical and supportive athletic sandals. Sandals with built-in support will keep your feet from twisting.

* Brogue or Oxfords: For the stylish gentleman, the ideal pick this summer is undoubtedly the classic Brogues or Oxfords. To suit up right, you can choose from a wide range of handcrafted leather dress shoes.

* Loafers: Loafers provide a cool summer look that can work with both casual and business-appropriate apparel – a perfect fit this season.

* Sneaker: Sneakers and athletic shoes have become summer must-haves. A pair of royal blue canvas is a great choice for the young gentlemen with active lives.