This summer, choose sunscreens over SPF moisturisers

Washington: Summers step in despoiling the hard-earned beauty which is why SPF moisturisers and sunscreens become the best friend of a woman. However, a new study has found that application of sun protection factor (SPF) moisturisers cover less part of the face than sunscreen application. This study mainly concerned the area around the eyelid regions.

The study was published in the Journal ‘PLOS ONE’.

The study incorporated 84 participants who were exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They were then clicked using a UV-sensitive camera on two separate visits.

The first visit had images before and after applying either SPF30 sunscreen or moisturiser. At the second visit, the study was repeated with other formulation.

As a result, it came out that the application of the moisturiser was notably worse in terms of the whole face missed. Sunscreen application missed just 11.1 per cent of the face while SPF moisturiser missed 16.6 per cent of the face.

The difference came out seemingly due to less coverage around the eyelid region, where sunscreen missed 14 per cent while moisturiser missed 20.9 per cent area.

The areas of the face which are prone to higher cancer risk are not being protected as people are unaware of it.

“We conclude that particular attention should be paid to the eyelid area when applying any SPF cream. Alternative methods of protecting the eyelids should be considered such as UV filter sunglasses,” said the authors.

They further added, “Moisturiser is not as well applied as sunscreen; therefore, if planning prolonged sun exposure we advise sunscreen be used. If using moisturiser we advise one with SPF, it should not be considered the equal of sunscreen.”