“Sukma attack was retaliation against sexual assault of tribal women by Jawans” – Maoist leader

Raipur: In the audio clip released by the Dand Karanya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), it was stated that the attack on CRPF jawans in Chhattisgarh was in retaliation to the sexual assault against tribal women by jawans.

Vikalp, Spokesperson of DKSZC in the audio denied the charge of mutilating the bodies of the 25 jawans who were killed in the attack.

Justifying his act, he said that it was pro-people’s struggle and it was a response to Govt. and security forces.

He also alleged that the security forces circulated the objectionable photographs of tribal women.

Talking on the road project, he said that in the guise of development, they are grabbing natural resources.

Targeting corporate media, he said that they are spreading false news about the mutilation of dead bodies of jawans. “We do not disrespect the dead bodies of Jawans”, he added. In counter allegation, he said that security forces treat like this with dead bodies of their people.

Describing the attack, he said that it should be considered as a reaction against the exploitation of Dalits, tribals and minorities.

According to the news published in One India, he said that it was an attack in response to the attacks by Brahmanic, Hindutva, Fascist, Sanghi, and the BJP governments on their culture and economic lifestyle.

Vikalp denied that Jawans are their enemies. However, as they are part of government’s anti-people programs, they are targeted.

He offered Jawans to leave government jobs and fight for the welfare of the people.