Suicide note by a Student: no Depression, no Pressure!

Faisalabad: A Pakistani student of engineering named Saifullah committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun on Thursday. He failed in his exams and was suspended from the University.

Too Late to save him:
The student was seen by a lecturer right after he shot himself. Rizwan Shah (lecturer) called up helpline numbers for help but nobody responded and it became too late to save him.

What made him take this step?
The lecturer who tried saving the student said media that his step has some background. Apparently, the student misbehaved with a female staff and carved her name on his wrist, and he was failed in his exams for that. His parents were also called to the university because of his behavior.

The last note:
Saifullah did not go to the university and had no contact with anyone before his suicide. The student had a note in his hand which said he was under no pressure and it was his own will.

Pressure or guilt?
The reason for this step taken by the student could possibly be guilt. The response to his act of writing the name on his wrist might have made him feel guilty and ashamed to such an extent that he decided to end his life. If he had done any such thing then he should have been counseled well instead of expelling him from the University.

Pressure is never healthy, be it for studies or for any other matters. Children need to be heard and counseled well. This incident is a lesson for other parents and teachers.