Sudhir Commission visits Nalgonda, reviews minority schemes

Sudhir Commission of Enquiry constituted to study the socio-economic and education status of minorities in Telangana under the chairmanship of retired IAS officer G. Sudheer visited various places in Nalgonda district on Tuesday. Members of the committee, M.A.Bari and Amerullah Khan, also accompanied him.

During an interaction with the minorities it was concluded that the implementation of scheme was in slow pace and officials showed least interest in making the schemes successful. Muslim population of district is unaware of the government schemes and if they approach officials they are not properly guided.

During the public hearing Muslims complained that they are denied loans by the banks and heavy surety is sought for even small loans which is unaffordable for poor families. Commissions advised the bankers not to insist for guaranty for small business as Muslims are already backward and they fail to produce ownership papers as surety.

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