Sudheer Commission setup to cheat Muslims – Jeevan Reddy

Hyderabad: It is a false to say that 99.9% promises have been fulfilled. This was told by Mr. T. Jeevan Reddy, MLA of Jagtiyal and Dy. Floor Leader of Congress while addressing a press conference at his residence in Jagtiyal. He said that a promise was made to the Muslims before the General Elections for providing 12% reservations for Muslims but it has not been implemented so far. He further told that 12% reservation for Muslims is possible only through BCs Commission. Sudheer Commission was constituted only to cheat the Muslims. If CM had genuine sympathy for Muslims, he would have got the survey done through BCs Commission to establish the backwardness of the Muslims in Educational and Economic fields. The reservation for Girijans is also similar. In Telangana State has 10% Girijans. Mr. KCR had promised them to give 12% reservations. He is trying to include other castes in Girijans which is not under the jurisdiction of the State.



–Siasat News