Sudan: Investigators seize over US $100 million from ousted President’s home

Khartoum: Military investigators seized cash amounting to over USD 100 million from ousted President Omar al-Bashir’s residence on Saturday.

The former President was removed in a military coup on April 11. He was arrested and later moved to the maximum security Kober prison here, which is notorious for holding political prisoners during Bashir’s 30-year-long reign.

Upon searching the imprisoned former President residence, investigators unearthed large amounts of cash, both in Sudanese pounds and in different currencies.

The seized amount includes six million euros, 351,000 US dollars and five billion Sudanese pounds (equivalent to USD 105 million), Sputnik reported while quoting local media.

The seized money will reportedly be used to form the basis for the corruption charges against the former President.
Massive civilian protests led to Bashir’s removal from the post by the military last week.

However, protests have continued as the demonstrators are now demanding for a civilian government to be formed in place of the transitional military council which came into power after the coup.

They want the council to cede power to a civilian government right now, rather than waiting for new elections to be organised in two years, as the council had promised.