Subsidy on solar pumps in Faridabad

Faridabad: To promote the use of solar power, a scheme has been launched granting a subsidy of 60 per cent on the purchase of solar pumps here.

Department of Renewable Resources of Energy has invited applications for the purchase of solar water pumps and the scheme is open upto September 30, Deputy Commissioner Amit Kumar Agrawal said.

The scheme would be beneficial for farmers, dairy owners and Panchayat establishments, Agrawal added.

About the procedure, the DC said applications have to be filed along with a demand draft for Rs 2000 for Director, Hareda, payable at Panchkula.

He said the scheme is on first come-first serve basis.

He said there are three types of pumps, one is of 1800 watt capacity which can pump water from 10 metre and can extract 1,80,000 litre in a day. Its cost is about Rs 2.5 lakh and would be available on subsidy of Rs 1,50,000.

Agrawal said the other would be able to pump water from 30 metre and extract about 63,000 litre. This pump costs Rs 2.6 lakh and would also have a subsidy of Rs 1.56 lakh. The third pump is a submersible of 5 HP, having capacity to lift water from 50 metre, he added.