Subsidy scheme for minorities, a challenge for Telangana govt.

Implementation of bank-linked loan cum subsidy scheme has become a challenge for Telangana government. The last date of application for scheme was extended till March 15 from the earlier February 29. Going by the applications received so far, the corporation would need Rs. 2057 Cr. to issue subsidy while the total outlay of minority welfare budget is just 1130 Cr. of which just 40 percent have been spent so far.

Interestingly 118526 applications have been received till date and the number is likely to reach 1.5 lakh by March 15. However the target set by the government is to provide subsidy to 8200 persons in the entire state and 90 Cr. was earmarked for this. The problem is how 8200 candidates will be selected from the list of 1.5 lakh candidates applied.

It remains to be seen whether the government will approve all the applications and provide a budget of Rs. 2075 Cr or over 1.4 lakh applicants will face disappointment.

Siasat news