Subhash Ghai launches Amish Tripathi’s ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’

Mumbai [India]: After raising the expectations with its very powerful trailer, Amish Tripathi’s much awaited ‘ Sita – Warrior of Mithila,’ the second book of Ramachandra series, is here!

Ace filmmaker Subhash Ghai graced the event to unveil the book.

Celebrated in a Mumbai Mall, the book is preceded by ‘ Scion of Ikshvaku,’ released two years ago. It was the highest selling book of 2015.

The mall’s atrium came to life with unprecedented crowds, who witnessed enthralling performances by the Drum Circle and Mardani Khel artists performing with the Lathi, who truly captured the spirit of Amish’s vision of Lady Sita in their acts.

Commenting on the book launch, Amish said, “It is the culmination of a journey to be launching this book on Lady Sita; the tale of an adopted child, who rises to be a warrior Prime Minister, and then a Goddess. It has been a privilege to write this book. Now comes the nerve-racking part: What will the readers think of it? ”

The essence of the author’s version of Lady Sita – a strong and independent woman – was also seen in the activities carried out during the launch. (ANI)