Study unveils presence of hazardous plastic elements in cosmetic products

London, Sept 05 : As per study conducted by the Plymouth University, cosmetic products used as daily essentials contain huge quantities of plastic particles that could be harmful to the marine life.

Microbeads largely used in facial scrubs are incorporated as bulking agents and abrasives. After usage, these beads are intercepted by conventional sewage treatment that is released into rivers and oceans.

Researchers estimate that up to 80 tonnes of unnecessary micro plastic waste is released in the sea every year from the UK alone.

As per reports, there are 80 facial scrubs in the UK market, which are manufactured using plastic material. The amount of microplastics that are used in these cosmetics are a fierce source of pollution.

More emphasis has been given on replacing micro plastics with natural exfoliating materials in variety of products such as hand cleansers, soaps, toothpaste, shaving foam, bubble bath, sunscreen and shampoo.

Professor Richard Thompson, marine environment specialist, asserted that these products lead to contamination of the oceans with millions of micro plastic particles. As a result, these microplastics put an adverse effect on the marine organisms with around 700 species being reported to encounter marine debris in the natural environment. (ANI)