Students as young as 7 caught sexting by British teachers

London: More than 60% of school staff in Britain are aware of 13-16 year olds sharing sexual material online, and pupils as young as seven have been caught “sexting”, a study said Friday.

The report from teaching union, NASUWT union found that 63% of teachers were aware of 14-year-olds sexting, while 45% said they knew of 13-year-olds sharing material of a sexual nature.

A small amount of teachers said seven-, eight-, and nine-year-olds were engaged in such behaviour, and a quarter of respondents said they were aware of 11-year-olds sexting.

Around half of all teachers said they knew of pupils using social media to send sexist and bullying messages to other students, and a similar number were aware of racist messages.

Half of them had suffered online abuse and negative comments, including false accusations of paedophilia.

Almost a third of teachers reported seeing online photos or videos of themselves taken without consent.

“Over the three years the NASUWT has been running this survey the situation has deteriorate,” said Chris Keates, general secretary of NASUWT.

“Online abuse has a devastating impact on teachers’ and pupils’ lives and yet no serious action is taken by government to ensure that schools are responding appropriately to this abuse.

“The level of abuse that teachers are suffering at the hands of parents online is simply unacceptable.”
Examples of abuse included a fake Twitter account describing the teacher as a wife beater and parents threatening to “knock out” teachers.

The Department for Education stressed that teachers “have a right to feel safe” at work.

“We want to make sure young people are aware of the risks and dangers – including sending inappropriate images,” said the department.

“The law is also crystal clear that where teachers find indecent images of children they must report this to the police.