Student protesters demand IIT-M student scholar’s assaulter’s be suspended

Madras: Following Centre’s ban on slaughtering of cattle, protests are being held in various states against the ordinance passed. With the recent assault on R Sooraj, a Ph.D. scholar IIT-M student in a tiff over consuming beef in the beef fest, other student bodies staged the protest outside IIT Madras on Wednesday, condemning the attack.

The assault has injured Sooraj in his right eye, admitting him in the hospital, allegedly by eight members who claimed to belong to Sangh Parivar group, supposedly the cow vigilante group.

Many other various student organizations like the Students Federation of India(SFI), Democratic Youth Federation of India(DYFI) have come forward extending their support to Sooraj and protesting against the assault outside IIT-M shouting slogans condemning the assault. The students have demanded the Authorities to launch an inquiry in Sooraj’s matter and suspend the offenders. They have also demanded the Institute to bear the medical expenses of Sooraj’s.

The representatives of the protesting students have written a letter to the dean explaining the tiff which turned into assault injuring Sooraj. As the letter said, Sooraj was attacked in the Himalaya Mess during lunch hours, when a student named Manish Kumar approached Sooraj questioning him if he had consumed beef, Sooraj replied in confirmation. The reply got Manish furious and ended attacking Sooraj. The other students who accompanied Sooraj also joined in the attack the letter explained.

The Police have arrested student protesters who also protested against the central government.

Members of another group Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam have also staged the beef eating protest outside IIT-M.

The City Police have registered a case against the eight offenders involved in the assault on Sooraj. So far, Police have not arrested any offenders yet.

The student Manish Kumar Singh who allegedly attacked Sooraj has also filed a complaint calming he was attacked too. But Sooraj’s supporters claimed Manish is only making up stories to defend himself, Dailyhunt reported.