This student is petitioning to host the Oscars

Washington: Jacob Staudenmaier, a 19-year-old student has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign to host this year’s Oscars.

While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have already confirmed there will be no host for the 2019 Oscars on February 24, Staudenmaier still figures he has a fighting chance to be declared the host, revealed The Hollywood Reporter.

Staudenmaier, in a student of the Loyola Marymount University has posted a video titled ‘Let Jacob Host the Oscars 2019’ in which he can be seen walking the streets of Los Angeles, with a sign reading, “@ACADEMY: LET ME HOST THE OSCARS.”

The clip sees him making a case for himself as to why he is the right man for the job and he is hoping that others agree with him.

Not only does he have the video, Staudenmaier has also launched a petition as well.

His plea reads, “Here is my official bid for the 2019 Oscars Host. #LetJacobHost – The Oscars are in chaos and I truly believe, I’m the only person that can save them at this point. Share this your friends, your family, your animal friends, your associates from past jobs, your local Denny’s employees, anyone that runs an antique store, and more. Shoutout to Clara Gil and Julia Hilbert for helping film me on Hollywood Blvd. and down in Venice. It’s been fun.”

This is not the first time that Staudenmaier has done something like this. Back in 2017, he went viral with an extravagant, La La Land-themed video asking Emma Stone to his high school prom, which, she politely declined.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Staudenmaier said, “In no real way do I have anything against Jimmy Kimmel,” adding, “I always thought that was kind of a funny thing, that he kind of called me out on national TV. … I guess it was just kind of me trying to shoot back at him in some way.”

While Staudenmaier may never actually find his name on the Academy’s potential host list, Alex Honnold, the professional rock climber who stars in the Oscar nominated documentary ‘Free Solo’, can be seen in the video holding Staudenmaier’s sign. In the video, Honnold asks if Staudenmaier actually thinks he’ll host. “Honestly, no,” says Staudenmaier.