Student alleges she was molested, writes to PM Modi

Bengaluru: A 22-year-old engineering student has written a letter seeking help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi after she was allegedly molested and assaulted near her college by a group of people.

The victim has posted the letter on Facebook, seeking help from Modi and giving an account of the incident where she was allegedly molested and assaulted by a group of men after a 40-50 year-old man collided with her scooter near an engineering college on August 12.

“… I have faith in the Prime Minister of India whose motto is Beti bachao, beti padhao,” she writes.

“A man between 45 and 50 collided and fell off. As I started getting up, the man began hurling abuses at me and stopped me when I tried to leave the scene,” the woman said.

“He pulled my Scooty from behind but somehow I escaped. Later, he shouted in Kannada to a tall fat man to stop me and that man pushed my vehicle,” she writes.

The woman further said she fell once again from her vehicle and the man struck on her head with his helmet.

“Then came the public, auto drivers, some shopkeepers who surrounded me. Everyone blamed me for what I still don?t know,” she writes.

She said some 20 to 30 people surrounded her and snatched her scooter key and started touching her “with wrong intentions.”

She describes the group as criminals and complained that no one helped her.

The police said it was a “minor” incident and filed an FIR on the same day and arrested an auto driver.

The police said the investigation is on.