Stuck in Saudi, Telangana man freed for 1.80 Cr blood money

HYDERABAD: Shayarbu Limbadri, from Nizambad never ever thought that he would escape death sentence for murder until a Saudi national save him from the execution.

According to Times of India, Awad bin Guraiah Al-Yami, a Saudi businessman, in a great act of kindness paid 1.3 million Saudi Riyal (approximately `1.80 cr) as ‘diyah’ (blood money) on behalf of Limbadri to the family of the victim to get him pardoned.

Working in a farm in Najran, Limbadri was sentenced to death eight years ago for killing a Saudi national during a quarrel.

The entire issue was taken up by K Kavitha, MP from Nizambad who spoke to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

The victims family accepted the blood money and pardoned Limbadri. The court endorsed the pardon and Limbadri is now waiting for his release.