Strong CCTV surveillance led to nab culprit Akbar in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Narsingi police unearths the murder mystery of young woman identified as Amena who was found with throat slit in Hyderabad.

Basing on the footage of several CCTVs near the Gandipet area and Amena’s mobile phone data, Cyberabad police and South Zone police have traced the her identity.

They have also identified the culprit as Mohammed Akbar, who murdered her brutally after molesting her.

Amina Malya, a resident of Old city’s Noori Nagar, Bandlaguda. Amena‚Äôs father is a cook.

Md Akbar, a 24-year-old vegetable vendor and Amena, a student of 9th class in government school belong to same locality.

According to investigations so far, Akbar is suspected to have befriended Amena over the last 3 months.

Few days back, when Akbar came to know that Amena is having hefty amount, demanded money. On Sunday, amena was alone in her house, he went and asked her to give money.

When she refused to obliged, Akbar attacked her with a vegetable knife on her throat. She got injured and was bleeding.

Amena told if he takes her to the hospital she will give the money. When Akbar agreed, she took 40,000 rupees from the cupboard and went with Akbar.

But instead of going to a hospital, he took her to Narsingi and murdered her by first pressing her injured neck with both hands and then hit her head with boulder and fled the spot.

Police arrested culprit Akbar and registered a case under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against.

Amena was found in Sri Nagar colony, near a college in Gandipet area with her throat slit and hands tied.