Stress hormone changes brain’s volume, but stress is not to be only blamed: Study

Minneapolis [United States], October 25 (ANI): There have been studies about stress causing the brain to shrink. Now, a latest study claims that the notion of brain volume decreasing owing to stress may be premature.

The study, which is published in the journal Neurology, reports smaller brain volumes and worse memories in people with higher-than-average levels of cortisol, popularly called as the stress hormone. However, saying stress is going to shrink the brain is too early to rule, The Verge reported.

Researchers studied the brain volumes and functionalities of 2,000 apparently healthy individuals and found cortisol to be just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. There are a number of factors which are likely to be related to the release of cortisol, including high inflammation. [source_without_link]ANI[/source_without_link]