Strengthen free speech: CPI

Hyderabad: CPI national general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy today welcomed the suggestion of Law Commission of India about rethinking about provision of Sedition (Section 124 A) of Indian Penal Code. In a statement here, he said that India being a democratic country Right to Dissent, right to criticize, government should be seen as important part of free speech. He also said that old draconian provisions in the law provided during colonial regime to suit their needs must be done away with. Reddy said that it is a matter of concern in the recent period the sedition section is misused against University student leaders, intellectuals and opposition leaders, to suppress the dissent and protest. As Supreme Court said protest is a type of safety valve in Democracy.

We demand the Section 124 A of Indian Penal Code should be removed to strengthen free speech and democracy.