Street fouling on the rise due to deplorable condition of public toilets

Hyderabad, September 30: Once called Green and Clean city, Hyderabad today lacks public toilet facility. Right from common man to educated people often relieve themselves at public places, bereft of public convenience facilities. They don’t even care for surrounding environment. You can see such scenes at Nampally railway station, High Court, City college, Nayapul road where walls have been literally reduced into urinals.

Though there is a public toilet near City college but it is in such appalling condition that it cannot be used. It is pervaded by a putrid stench that assaults people’s noses.

There is another old school named Aliya school. A public toilet has been made near Aliya mosque but it is also in deplorable condition. Uncultured people relieve themselves enroute to the mosque without regard to the effects of their actions.

Firstly it is the duty of municipality to build more and more public toilets where needed. Secondly Municipal department cannot be completely blamed as citizens should avoid the habit of using undesignated spots to relieve themselves because apart from “messing up” public places, they also pose a serious health threat to the public.

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