Stray dog poisoning for Ivanka Trumps’ visit, GHMC Denies

 The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has denied reports that appeared in a section of media alleging that street dogs caught from Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills were poisoned to sanitize the city for Ivanka Trumps’s visit for Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017.

The GHMC said it was carrying out Animal Birth Control/ Anti rabies (ABC/AR) Programme to control the stray dog population and to minimize the incidence of rabies in its jurisdiction in compliance to various rules and guidelines.

Presently, each zone is having one Operation theatre and infrastructure for ABC/AR programme. Under the ABC/AR programme the stray dogs are being caught and they are being subjected to Birth Control Operations, Deworming and Anti Rabies Vaccinations and released back in the same locality after post operative care as per the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP) norms of AWBI of India. The public have also appreciated the efforts of the GHMC in controlling the street dog menace by ABC/AR programme and never resorted to kill the street dogs at any point of time, the GHMC said in a statement today.

In view of animal welfare, the GHMC said, it has introduced a new initiative for adoption of street dogs “Maa Inti Nestham” to ensure their safety and minimize street dog menace by involving the public, NGOs and Resident Welfare Associations.  (INN)