Stop threatening, expel me: Shatrughan Sinha

Mumbai : Shatrughan Sinha has hit back at Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi for demanding the actor-turned-politician’s expulsion from the party, saying instead of threatening they should just go ahead and expel him.

Shatrughan said: “I’ve been hearing this threat of being expelled from the party for many years. Please stop threatening. Why don’t you just expel me?”

Earlier this week, a Twitter war had erupted between Shatrughan and his BJP party colleague when the former tweeted in favour of RJD chief Lalu Prasad and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal saying “enough of negative politics and mudslinging”.

Modi, responding to Shatrughan’s tweet, demanded that the “enemies of the party” (Sinha) must be “removed” at the earliest.

Reacting to the whole episode, Shatrughan said: “BJP is being ruined by yes-men and sycophants who refuse to read the writing on the wall. We have such a dynamic leader and Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) who is taking the nation forward.

“But we don’t value the party’s loyal foot-soldiers who have slogged to give the party a support base. I am not even called to campaign by my party during elections. So all right, don’t value my presence. Take me for granted. But don’t insult me by threatening me with expulsion. That doesn’t scare me at all.”