Stop ‘Mann ki Baat’ as people don’t believe Modi anymore: NCP

Mumbai: NCP today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio address “Mann ki Baat” should be stopped as he has “failed” to keep his words and people have “lost faith” in his promises.

“Modi is communicating his thoughts through his radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, but unfortunately, he has repeatedly failed to adhere to his own words, and has lost his repute among the countrymen, and therefore we demand him to stop this radio show,” NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said in a statement.

Malik alleged people are “feeling cheated” over halting the exchange of the defunct Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes by the central government.

Taking a swipe at the Prime Minister over hardships being caused to the common people in the wake of the demonetisation, Malik said, “While addressing the nation on demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000, Modi had assured people that they would be able to exchange their money (with a cap of Rs 4,000 per day) through banks and post offices till December 30, but it was stopped in only 15 days and those who thought they had long time to exchange notes, are feeling cheated.”

Malik added that people have “lost faith” in the promises made by Modi.

“Prime Minister’s address to the nation, be it from Red Fort of Delhi or from elsewhere, is considered to be the words or promise made to the entire country. But the way, in the last 15 days, this (demonetisation) message has been twisted and turned for his own convenience… People have lost faith in his promises.

“And when people lose faith in their ruler, this indicates towards a serious outcome and therefore, to avoid it, I am demanding Modi to stop his radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’,” the NCP leader said.

Meanwhile, Mumbai BJP organised events at 328 places in Mumbai today to enable people listen to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ over tea, dubbing the programme ‘Mann Ki Baat, Chai Ke Saath’.