Stop ‘hollow’ speeches, quit you can’t create jobs for youth: Rahul to Modi

New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday, asked the Narendra Modi government to stop delivering “hollow” speeches and quit if you are unable to stop prices from rising and give jobs to the people.

Gandhi, whose Twitter feed has become more active of late, posted on the micro-blogging site: “Mehngi gas, mehnga ration, band karo khokhla bhashan, daam bandho, kaam do, varna khali karo singhasan.”

This roughly translates to “costly gas, dearer food items, stop delivering hollow speeches, fix prices, give jobs or quit the seat of power”.

Along with the tweet, he attached a news report on rising prices of liquefied petroleum gas and other items.

During his Gujarat tour, Gandhi caught the attention of people, especially social media users, with his attack on the Modi government over rising prices, unemployment, demonetisation, poor economy and the Goods and Services Tax.