Stop this bloodbath: Mother warns Tiger Memon

Tiger Memon, the man solely responsible for the Mumbai carnage, talked to his family members in Mumbai and pledged to avenge his younger brother Yakub’s execution by the Government of India, according to a report published on Friday in a leading daily, The Economic Times.

The report further said Tiger’s mother Hanifa, spoke to his fugitive son and asked him to end violence. However, her appeal fell on deaf ears of Tiger Memon, who said that he will avenge Yakub’s death. “Main unko chukwaonga (I will make them pay),” Tiger reportedly said.

However, The Maharashtra government has denied that absconding mafia don Mushtaque alias Tiger Memon allegedly called up his mother and threatened to avenge his brother Yakub Memon’s hanging last week, top officials said here on Friday.

The Mumbai police, too, denied any such conversation as having taken place, as reported by a leading financial daily.

“We want to clarify that we don’t have such intercepted conversation and we also clarify that such said transcript is not of Mumbai police,” said DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni in a statement.

According to the report in the daily, Tiger Memon purportedly had a conversation with his mother Hanifa Memon at her Mahim residence in Mumbai on July 30 around 5.30 a.m. – barely an hour before Yakub was hanged in Nagpur Central Jail.

In the conversation with a weeping Hanifa, Tiger Memon allegedly ‘vowed’ to ‘avenge’ his brother’s death and ‘make them pay for it’.

The newspaper has stated it is in possession of the transcript of the entire three-minute conversation conducted over the Internet, with the call bouncing from one IP address to another, making it difficult to track.

(With agency’s inputs)