Steven Spielberg’s latest film pays homage to his late mother

Washington: Steven Spielberg’s latest film, an untitled short film on his late mother Leah Adler, debuts with the reopening of a Pico-Robertson district kosher restaurant The Milky Way she long operated before her death in 2017. Adler operated The Milky Way for nearly 40 years before her death in 2017 at age 97.

The four-minute narrative shows Adler’s multitudinous facets: ballet-dancing, fly-fishing, joking around in her restaurant’s kitchen — all soundtracked to a piano performance Spielberg’s father recorded of Adler in the 1960s, revealed The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking about it, Steven’s sister, Nancy Spielberg, who’s been closely involved in The Milky Way revival revealed, “It shows every aspect of her.”

The Milky Way has preserved favourites (blintzes, cheesecake, potato pancakes) while bringing in consultant Phil Kastel, previously of the Grill on the Alley, to update the menu, including a new Cajun fish sandwich.