Why Steven Spielberg nearly quit direction post ‘Schindler’s List’?

Melbourne : Steven Spielberg, who is known for helming the blockbusters like ‘Jurassic Park’ and the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ has revealed why he almost quit direction post making the blockbuster ‘Schindler’s List’.

In a recent interview, the 69-year-old director, who has released 28 movies across five decades, said he did not want to return to work after he made the 1993 drama, adding that the holocaust film was so draining that he doubted he would ever make another movie, reports News.com.au.

“I was sad and isolated, and as well-received and successful as that movie was, I think it was the trauma of telling the story and forming the Shoah Foundation,” he explained.

Adding on to this, the ‘Bridge of Spies’ director said, “I started to wonder, was Schindler’s List going to be the last film I would direct?.”

In 1997, Spielberg returned to the big screen with thriller ‘ Jurassic Park: The Lost World’.

Notably, his 29th film, ‘The BFG’, will be released in Australia on June 30 and in 2019 he would be be releasing another ‘Indiana Jones’ movie. (ANI)