Steve McQueen’s film to kickstart London Film Festival

Washington: Oscar-winning Hollywood director Steve McQueen’s heist film ‘Widows’ will kick-start London Film Festival.

McQueen previously had received an Oscar for ’12 Years a Slave’, and he even co-wrote the script for Ben Affleck starrer-‘Gone Girl’.

The movie packs a powerful cast that includes Oscar winner and ‘Suicide Squad’ star Viola Davis, ‘Taken’ star Liam Neeson, and ‘Get Out’ star Daniel Kaluuya.

“I am absolutely delighted that ‘Widows’ will be opening this year’s BFI London Film Festival,” Variety quoted McQueen as saying.

The movie is based on the mini series Lynda La Plante, set in London.

McQueen, while talking about how special the movie is, he said, “Watching the U.K. TV version of Lynda La Plante’s original thriller as a teenager in the ’80s had a major impact on me, and so it feels very special to be sharing this film with a U.K. audience.”

The film, which is set in modern-day Chicago, revolves around the wives of a gang of armed robbers who are killed in a failed heist attempt. It is now the job for the widows to undertake the failed mission.

The 62nd London Film Festival organised by British Film Institute will be held from October 10-21.