Steroid, medicine consumption causing infertility in males

New Delhi: Consumption of steroids and medicines for a good physique is emerging as the leading factor behind infertility in males, a study has revealed.

The study said too much physical exercise and starvation for the sake of dieting was also causing male infertility, apart from increasing tension and depression.

All such factors leads to Azoospermia, a condition in which sperm doesn’t generate in semen.

Recent studies have said that approximately 1 percent of the Indian male population is affected by Azoospermia.

The study conducted by Ajay Murdia of Indira Infertility and Test Tube Baby Centre said the reasons behind childless couples were excess use of steroids, excess physical exercise and sedentary lifestyle.

“Couples deprived of parenthood is mostly because the male partner is incapable of making woman pregnant due to infertility,” Murdia said.

Defining infertility as the failure of a couple to become pregnant after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, he said: “Due to unavailability of appropriate diagnosis and analysis methods, the actual reason behind infertility mostly is left unnoticed. But now the advancement of medical science has made it possible to know the exact reason and cure of infertility.”

“Approximately 1 in every 3 men is having infertility problem. In such cases, the sperm can’t reach inside the fallopian tube, hence the female partner is unable to conceive in spite of countless attempts,” he said.

Murdia said there were a number of people whose sperm count was zero.

“The common conditions that cause Azoospermia are hormonal misbalance, injury, testicular failure or infection. In some conditions, sperms are occurring in testes but unable to come out in semen,” he said.

He said men with Azoospermia have a number of approaches available with them and basically individual factors need to be considered for the choice of treatment.

“Treatment with stem cell therapy promises much hope for the future,” he said.