Steps to protect bio diversity: Jogu Ramanna

Minister for Forest and Environment, Jogu Ramanna today stressed the need for protecting bio diversity. He held a review meeting at Secretariat here to mark International Bio Diversity day and vowed to take necessary measures to protect all the living creatures including animals and plants. The state government has offered funds for 212 bio diversity management committees out of 2,560 committees. Ramanna announced proudly that Telangana has been selected as the first at national level for the bio diversity award in 2016.

As part of bio diversity protection the government has identified Mannanur Cow and making exercise to register it and also began to get details of all crops diversity. He said that 32 companies have sought permission to make use of bio diversity resources and agreement made with 17 companies and the rest of 15 will get the same later. As per Bio Diversity Act the state government has identified Ameenpur lake as the first heritage lake in Sanga Reddy district he said adding that about 200 domestic birds and more than 30 types of migrant birds used to come to the spot. To protect bio diversity rights 18 technical teams formed, 600 awareness camps conducted and 67 types of registers were prepared.  (NSS)