Step-up your style game with modern jewellery

New Delhi: Modern jewellery nowadays is not just limited to new or contemporary styles but has also been extended to the next level in the form of light- weight jewellery for parties as celebrations are high in the air.

Rohan Sharma, Managing Director of RK Jewellers South Extension 2 and Prakshi Sharma, Creative head and Designer of Prakshi Fine Jewellery list some options that will help you pick and decide the right kind of modern jewellery with your outfits

* Choker: Choker or choker necklaces are strongly in trend this season. The jewellery goes well with both Indian and western look. People have seen preferring the most for parties and weddings. It looks perfect to wear on off shoulder or deep neck top/dresses. Also, the jewellery is available in vast variety of designs to make a style statement.

* Bracelet : A fancy accessory around the wrist gives very feminine vibe and well goes with gown and dress for parties. Diamond bracelets looks classic with party attire and never go out of fashion. Delicate or dainty Bracelets are ‘go to accessories’ and confortable to wear on daily routine and bring your boring outfit into glamour ensemble.

* Stackable rings: One jewellery trend that has never gone out of fashion is Stackable rings. Light-weight and fascinating rings are an ideal choice to set the tone for every occasion. Elegant stackable rings allow the wearer to express their personality or match their mood thanks to the infinite varieties of colours. Rings that can be worn in many different ways become the ultimate dream for woman who loves experimenting their jewellery. It will be perfect accessory for any party occasion. They can be teamed up with both western and ethnic looks.

* Ear jackets: The most and all-time favourite is ear jackets. A New Age trendy pair of ear jackets can turn your otherwise boring outfits into an ultra-modern look. Diamond ear jackets add a surreal charm to your look. The jewellery is available in vast variety of designs like Trillion Mountain, Marquise leafy green emerald earjackets to make a style statement.