Step-motherly treatment continues towards Urdu in Delhi

New Delhi: There is a paucity of Urdu teachers in schools run by Municipal Council (NDMC), Delhi Municipal Corporation (MDC) and Delhi government. Urdu section is not opened somewhere while teachers are not appointed at the other. Though the education department has directed all the schools to keep advance register to enter what language the child wants to take, but the schools’ principal and their deputy director do not provide advance register to the applicants and when the parents want to opt Urdu language they are told that Urdu teacher is not available in the school. Having no choice parents select Punjabi or Sanskrit instead.

Chairman Delhi Minority Commission Dr Zafarul Islam has advised the parents to complain to the department if the principal refuses to give the choice to select Urdu. He said if any parent submits written complaint regarding this we will surely take action in this regard.