Step-mother forces twin-sisters into flesh trade

Hyderabad: In an inhuman incident occurred at Mailardevpally area in the city outskirts, a step mother pushed twin-sisters into prostitution. The agonizing story of the girls came to light when the Child Protection Cell officials, with the special interest of school teacher, took the matter to police. However the Mailardevpally police was reluctant to take action against the mother even after the complaint. Higher police officials also seem be uncaring. Either they are not aware of the seriousness of the matter or they want to bury the matter. The attitude of police is creating suspicion.

According to sources twin- sisters who live in Rajiv Gruha Kalpa Laxmi Guda apartment were forced into flesh trade during the night by their step mother. The woman named Kiran Mishra serves as Security Guard in Reti Bowli area. Her two daughters study in 4th standard. According to reliable sources mother used to send her daughters to her clients to spend the night with them, which the girls didn’t like.

The day before, one of the girls complained of back pain during her school hours. The school teachers took her to the doctor where the sexual exploitation was exposed; following which Child Protection Cell lodged complain with the Mailardevpally Police.

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