Staying sober is challenging, says singer Demi Lovato

Washington: Pop sensation Demi Lovato, who went to rehab back in 2010 to seek treatment for a dependence on alcohol and drugs, has admitted that it will always be tough for her to stay sober after quitting alcohol and drugs in 2010.

The 25-year-old singer, who has managed to stay clean ever since, admits her recovery still requires her to be vigilant everyday and she shares the difficulties about her teetotal lifestyle in her new YouTube documentary series ‘Simply Complicated’, reports Billboard.

While talking in an interview, Lovato noted, “I think what was difficult about the process was being honest about where I am in my life today. Telling the world that I’m not the poster child for recovery. Sometimes it is a struggle, and sometimes I still deal with issues that I have suffered from in the past. It’s a challenge to maintain recovery, and I talk about that in the film.”

Adding, “So, for me, it’s like kind of admitting that I’m not. Obviously I’m not perfect, but admitting that on camera. I want to be the best role model that I can be for my fans, so by admitting that I’m not perfect, it’s kind of weird for me.”

The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ hit-maker thinks what makes her a good role model is that she has had to deal with her own demons and has been honest about the difficulties she has endured in her life.

“I think that’s what makes me a role model for people is that I’m not perfect. It’s that I’m honest about where I am, but I think for so long I’ve been such a strong advocate for the things I believe in, and certain things I still struggle with. I think explaining that on-camera was difficult for me, but it’s needed. People need to hear that it’s not a perfect journey and every day is easy; some days are challenging,” shared Lovato.

Demi – who also lives with bipolar – has 50.3 million followers on Twitter and 61.5 million people checking out her photos on Instagram and she is proud to be a role model for all her fans. (ANI)