Staying away from social media is Kangana`s personal choice

New Delhi : In the era, where celebs are in the race to get the highest number of followers, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut prefers keeping away from social media.

During the launch of the Big fish ventures app, the 28-year-old actress was asked the reason for staying away from social media to which she replied that it is a personal choice.

The ‘Queen’ star said, “I just feel that social media is a platform where you as a person exchange your views and express yourself. As a person, I live for myself or people for whom I make movies. So, when I have my work, I express myself through my work, but my personal life is only mine and I don’t share it with anyone apart from people who are close to me.”

Further, talking about freedom of speech and expression and how it has become an issue in the country, Kangana said, “When someone says something it goes through many filters. It’s not that they want to deconstruct it or distort it, it’s just that that the other person’s perspective is definitely going to be different.”

She added, “The way you express something and the way it is received, perceived, conceived and ultislied is going to be different depending on other person’s perspective and point of view. So, that much liberty we should take and you should be thick skinned.”

Kangana will be next seen as a fierce and fiery character in Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Rangoon’ that also stars Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. (ANI)