‘Stay out of people’s private choices’: Tamil superstar Siddharth to BJP

CHENNAI: Tamil superstar Siddharth who is known for boldly articulating his views in public has opened up about the Central’s decision banning sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter.

The ‘Aaydha Ezhuthu’ actor told the BJP to stay out of ‘people’s private choices’ and stop the ‘Hindu nation narrative.’

Voicing his opinion, Siddharth tweeted, “Dear #BJP you have power. Empower #India. Stay out of people’s private choices. Stop this #Hindu nation narrative. We are better than that.”

In his next few tweets, the popular actor wrote, “The row about #cattle markets is unnecessary and only polarises people. State govts allow or disallow slaughter. #Center should stay out.”

“Most of us are neither #bhakts nor #libtards or whatever these ugly names are. We are just #Indians. Live and let live. Stop the hate!”

Two IIT-Madras PhD scholars were attacked over conducting a beef fest protest.

Beef fests’ were held in various parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu to protest against the Centre’s decision banning sale and purchase of cattle at animal markets for slaughter.