‘Stay in your limits’: BJP Mayor threatens woman IAS, video goes viral

BHOPAL: A video of BJP woman mayor teaching the ethics lesson to woman IAS is going viral on social media.
According to news website Nayi Duniya, Madhya Pradesh’s Satna Mayor Mamta Pandey and Commissioner Pratibha Pal were at a event and entered into an tussle
In a less than one minute video, the BJP leader is seen reprimanding IAS officer.
Pandey is saying, “I am postgraduate, okay? LLB. Do you understand? Do not tell me to mind my language.
You pay attention to your language. Okay? I am postgraduate. Okay? Do not teach me discipline. Do not try to teach me repeatedly.
You might have a degree and here you are teaching me discipline. Stay in your limits while talking to me from now onwards.”
https://www.youtube.reprimands com/watch?v=q63tDu0OdEA